Thursday, April 14, 2005

JetClock 1.0

My Newtons all shared a really nicely implemented widget called Time-zone; it was a map of the world showing your current location. If you tapped on any other location it would show that location's current time. It also had a really subtle band across the top that showed which part of the world was in darkness or daylight. As and added gimmick, it also told you the exact distance between cities. I seem to recall that you could also call up extra information about any city, such as its coordinates; dialing codes etc.

Cut to the chase Andrew!

Anyways... When I switched to Mac I was more than a little disappointed that there wasn't a similar gadget in OSX. Sure, there's a clock in the menu-bar, and you can configure its appearance in various ways—but that's about it. No time-zones.

Now I've found a freeware app called JetClock. After de-activating the built in clock display I set JetClock to run on startup. It looks exactly the same as the standard clock, but I can click on it and a menu drops down showing the current time in four other cities.

In the preferences pane there's even a map of the world with little pushpins in it.

It's half way to the widget in Newton, works flawlessly and looks like part of the OS—just the kind of program I like...


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