Sunday, March 27, 2005


Amar Sagoo - Tofu

I just installed Tofu 1.3.2. Here's a screenshot.

It's an app for reading text files. The main selling point, although it's free, is that the text is displayed in columns. This however, is not what I like the most about it; what I really like is that I can scroll using just the space bar, just like with a browser. It's such a simple thing, but they're usually the best. I can lazily read through a long document and step through with the space bar, and, even better—if I quit the document I can re-open it at a later time and Tofu remembers where I was.


You know how it is; there's an interesting article on a webpage that you want to read, but it's surrounded by clutter. If you're lazy (and easily distracted like me) then drop it onto Tofu and read it in the style that you choose including font and background color. There's even a new Services called View in Columns.

Last little gem: Set up margins to give yourself some white space. Get it.


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