Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tilt and Slide

You know how it is; you one day have a crazy idea and then you think, "Nah..." Then years later, there it is—implemented.

Years ago I was saving notes on my Newton about my idea of the ultimate PDA, part of my Savi project. One of the brain-waves was to have a built in motion—or orientation sensor. I imagined an attitude sensor that could be reset to local up, with a deadband of about 20 degrees of attitude change.

Because a handheld PDA has limited screen real estate, my idea was that you could display a graphic on the screen that was much larger than the screen itself; instead of scrolling about the graphic using the directional pad or scroll-bars you'd simply tilt the device to have the graphic slide about.

Well, now the Apple Powerbook has a motion sensor for parking the hard drive if the device is dropped. Already there are hacks available to navigate iTunes etc, by tilting the Powerbook. Here's hoping that the rumored Apple handheld will have tilt-slide.

Should'a patented it...


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