Thursday, March 10, 2005

Radio Recorder MP3 Thing

PoGo! Products Radio YourWay

Radio YourWayLX TM AM/FM Radio Recorder

Imagine the ability to record your favorite radio programs such as AM Talk Radio, Sports, News or Music and play those recordings back at a more convenient time. Radio YourWay LX makes this possible! Set Radio YourWay LX to record any station, any time, totally unattended!

  • Automatically record radio broadcasts via a daily or weekly timer-function; totally unattended
  • MP3 Recording- Easily transfer and archive your recordings to a PC or MAC with an available USB port
  • Record from any audio source (CD, Cassette, or TV etc.) in MP3 format without the use of a PC!
  • Playback MP3, WMA or RVF files
  • Use Radio YourWay LX as a portable storage device for data files!

I don't know. I think in a wierd way, it's kind of cool. I can think of times I'd like to record radio... Bit pricey though.


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