Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nope, too ugly

In line with the new Mac oriented thinking, I have a new criteria that I apply when evaluating software that I install: If it doesn't fit with the visual style of the OS then it's out. One such app that I chucked was Firefox.

I know, Firefox users are even more zealous than Mac users. They site it's security, and the tabs, and all the add-ons that are available...

But to me—its just too ugly, and I don't like tabs now that I've discovered command-` so off it went.

I love the brushed look, and the clarity of Safari. However, like the original Netscape, Safari caches its files in some arcane format that makes examining the true makeup of pages almost impossible.

Say what you like about IE but with it you could save a viewed page in its original form, along with any images or linked css file or java scripts. I found this extremely useful.

Although this blog is hosted on an automated service, I do like to dabble in hand coding my own sites. In the PC/IE days if I spied a page somewhere that I liked the look of, I'd save it as a complete page and examine how it was built up; of course I'd never copy and paste someone else's code, but I would learn from them.

Recently I was checking out the promised new features in Tiger and saw that the new Safari would save pages complete, but that release is probably six months away so I got to wondering whether Firefox did the same thing—and sure enough it does, and it does it beautifully.

To make a long story even longer—I put Firefox back on. Now, when I'm curious as to how a page was built, I copy the address into Firefox and save it from there. So, shoot me if you're a Firefox zealot, but for me it's more a helper app than a full-time browser...


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