Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's all relative...

I just had my first purge. I'll rephrase that; I just spent half an hour deleting all of the stuff that I don't actually need on the Mac.

Whenever I download a program to try out I leave its installer on the Desktop until I decide whether I want to keep the app. If I do keep it then I drag the installer into a folder called "Archive." Tonight I copied Archive to a CD then deleted its contents.

Then I deleted all the music that I recklessly ripped from CDs without sampling first (music that turned out to be crap), and finally I deleted all the Quicktime movies that I'd dragged over from cover CDs (stuff like movie trailers) that was on the hard drive for the sole purpose of showing off the multi-media capabilities for people who look over my shoulder and say, "What's that thing do?"

The end result is that I now have another 2 gigs of free space. Two gigs. It's a lot and a little at the same time. What a crazy world we live in now; every new generation—add three zeros to all the specs. In the end I don't suppose it matters at all how big a file is as long as the ratios are still reasonable. By that I mean what the heck difference does it make if a music collection is 5 gigs if you have an iPod that can easily swallow that up.

But for me at least, it's still panic stations if whatever I'm using drops to forty percent free space. And yet I constantly drive my car with its fuel gauge between twenty percent and zero. Go figure...

The one dampener for me regarding the actual file sizes is the bandwidth bottleneck. When you're on dial-up certain tipping points come into play: when a file I want is going to be 10 megs then I sigh; 20 megs is a big deal; and 30 plus is simply a deal breaker. As Russell Beatie once blogged—when he recently moved into a new house without broadband it was like stepping back into a whole different world...


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