Monday, March 28, 2005

Ah, That's Better...

I just spent the best part of a day setting up my old PC so that I could pass it onto my nephew. At first I wiped the drive and re-installed Windows with the idea being to cycle it back to an initial set of conditions, as it were.

Bad idea. Turned out to be a nightmare. Two or three essential DLLs wouldn't install from the install CD for some unfathomable reason.

In the end I restored a disc image I had made a few months ago and modified that—taking out all the apps and mods that might confuse a newbie.

What a piece of crap Windows and Windows PCs are. The whole experience reminded me of when I owned a 1995 Honda Civic and my Dad owned a 1975 Honda Civic; I'd sometimes have to move his car to get out of the driveway. Talk about chalk and cheese.

Now that I'm plugged back into the Mac, it's like I traded the Civic on an Audi A8...


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