Friday, February 04, 2005

Strange, but Sadly True

According to a local newspaper, numerous complaints were received after a Fear Factor themed day of activities was held for local children — bored with their summer break. It transpires that offal was used to liven things up; during the relay race, chicken necks were used instead of batons, and fondling animal guts was one of the How Squeamish are You challenges.

The organizers said they didn't expect any negative reaction — they had prepared by researching whether any of the animals used were sacred to any of the ethnic groups participating, and besides, they had a clearly marked chill-out corner prepared for any children who took offense.

This is like some kind of Curb Your Enthusiasm episode (maybe I should pitch it?) The thing that made me laugh out loud was the idea of a chill-out corner. I could just imagine a group of lesbian activity organizers armed with clipboards and ring-binders, standing in an empty field and deciding, "The chill-out corner can go over there, under the trees..."


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