Sunday, February 13, 2005

(Almost) a Month with an eMac

After three weeks it was time I fired up the old PC to see if there was anything I'd forgotten to transfer over. There were about 500 megs of video and music files that I decided to snatch.

I don't know why, but the CD burner on the PC decided not to cooperate, so I used the card reader and an SD card instead. It took forever to get the files into the card (using USB 1.1) and only about a tenth of the time to get it off, using USB 2.0.

I started to delete the files from the card using the Mac but that was taking a long time so I cancelled that and waited until the card was back in the Pocket PC and did it there. I suspect that the Mac was building a trash can on the card and moving the files there. I don't know, I could be wrong. I have seen new strange looking files on the card before after it's been looked at by the Mac.

So now my new rule is to drop files to and from the card and PDA, but tidying up chores are more easily handled from the PDA. I'm sure that if Apple swallowed hard and developed their own PDA this would be all the more elegant. Stranger things have happened.

The only clumsiness I experienced going back to the PC was closing Windows. I'd gotten so used to the left-handed Mac that I kept single clicking top left which would just bring up a window control menu in Windows.

Getting back to the Mac, I'm getting more and more used to file management. I really missed the two-pane tree and files layout of Windows until I caught onto populating the favorites pane in Finder with all my usual folders.

Two things are particularly elegant about this system: One is that no matter how many items are in the left hand pane — they resize beautifully in order to fit within the chosen size of window (within reason). The other is the spring-loaded folders system. I never get tired of how cool, and convenient, it is to drag a downloaded file from the desktop onto the hard drive and have the window snap open—wait until I drop the file onto a destination—then snap shut again. No biggie; but big enough to be super-useful.

So I'm whittling away at some minor post-switch frustrations. My current one is making dialog box choices using only the keyboard.

Duh! I only just this minute realized that you tab to the option you want then press the spacebar.

New Task:

  • Find a keyboard shortcut FAQ and laminate it...


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