Friday, January 14, 2005

Mac Mini thoughts Part 2

What is happening to me?

I'm being swept inexorably into the Mac whirlpool! Although I'm a long time PC user, I've always been fascinated by the Mac world so I know more than a little bit about it. I also know that it's ridiculous to compare Macs and PCs spec for spec; you might as well try to argue a winner between gasoline and diesel, turboprop and jet, or PVR and DVD.

Better to simply consider: "What do you want to do and how do you want to do it?"

Now, my PC is showing its age. It's time for a replacement. Being the cheapskate that I am I'll keep the monitor, keyboard and mouse and replace only the box. I want the new box to be above all, tiny; quiet and beautifully finished. I want to write, communicate and blog. I want to edit photos and watch DVDs. I want to edit HTML and fly Flightsim. That's it. Oh, and sync with my Pocket PC.

Looking at the available PCs I see the Shuttle which is quite compact and quite well screwed together. It is more high end than I need though, and makes too much noise. And immediately -- there go my PC options. Everything else is shoddy to look at, or too bulky.

So what's the deal with the Mac Mini? Evidently it's as well made as everything else they make and I like its looks and size. I also hear that it's fairly quiet. I can migrate my jpgs, text files and music; and possibly my Outlook email archive. So that's my "stuff" taken care of. I recently discovered an app for syncing with the Pocket PC (see post below) so that's another thing checked off.

So what does that leave? Compatible apps and Flightsim. I'm going to flip over all the cards and say that Flightsim is not an option on the Mac. But -- wait a second -- I'll still have my old box. I can always drag it out for the four or five hours a month that I feel like flying.

See how I'm leaning now? The next quandary is what to do about stocking the thing with appropriate software. I'll need a text editor, spell checking, keyboard shortcutting, an image editor, a calendar, contacts, email, ftp... What? You're telling me that's all built in? (Well maybe not the ftp.)

Mmm. Now I've run out of excuses.

There's no turning back. I promise right now that I won't turn into one of those obnoxious sanctimonious Mac zealots (he says that now...) So, while I'm waiting for the Mac Mini to actually arrive, I'll keep myself occupied downloading Mac freeware to cover all the things I do now, but iLife doesn't. I'll also be at the Apple Store playing with the eMac which apparently is the Mini's close cousin.

Wish me luck.


Blogger Richard said...

I know what it's like, once you've got 'the bug' (as I call it), you know that you're going to be coughing up the dosh pretty soon. I was the same about my Symbian phone... Once I saw the 6260 and held one in my hand, that was me reasoning my abandonment of Microsoft Smartphones!

It's amazing what you can justify if you just try hard enough ;-)

The only thing holding me back from this at the moment is the possibility of losing my job in the next month or so. If I get safe, I'll likely get a Mac.

Good luck dude!

7:46 PM  
Blogger Andrew Burke said...

I just checked out the Nokia 6260. I'd never heard of it before. We can't get them here; I can understand your having to have one!

I'm off to check the price of the Mac Mini bluetooth option...

9:42 PM  

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