Monday, January 10, 2005

Combination Tablet PC and Pocket PC

Here's an idea right off the top of my head: A Tablet PC that has a Pocket PC inside it. The Pocket PC would be the phone version with bluetooth and wifi. When it's inside the Tablet, the Tablet would share those features. So, you're walking around using the Tablet and you can make and receive calls and check your email using the Pocket PC's cellular; that is if you're out of range of anything cheaper.

They would be continually syncing when joined so at any time you could whip out the Pocket PC and go lite -- still with all your stuff. I think this device -- along with a dock to provide a proper keyboard, mouse and monitor when you're at home -- would be pretty darned cool.

It's not quite the Savi setup, but it could be available sooner, rather than later...


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