Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wonderful Icon

Wonderful Icon (

A good way to gauge software is to re-install Windows and see what you simply must put back first. One of the handful of programs I'd choose is The Wonderful Icon.

From the aforementioned icon, which sits in the tray, I can access a huge list of enhancements that help me work with Windows every day. These enhancements are configured via a separate window where I can choose to include them on the pop-up menu, or via shortcut keys. It's those shortcut keys that are the key strength of this app. I love the fact that the shortcut keys don't need to be combinations; I can use any function or numeric key on it's own.

As I never otherwise use the Insert key, this is used to close any window with one tap. F12 shuts down Windows without even prompting. There are countless other things it can do for you; it's really up to your imagination. It's compact, installs easily and performs flawlessly.

The Shortcut Keys that I Use...

  • F1 Launch the Default Browser
  • F2 Launch Metapad Text Editor
  • F4 Launch Microsoft Word
  • F6 Lauch Regedit
  • F8 Open the Run Command Dialog
  • F9 New Folder
  • F10 Launch Microsoft Outlook
  • F12 Shutdown Windows without Prompting
  • Insert Close the Current App
  • Num / Hang Up the Modem
  • Num * Open the My Documents folder as a Single Window

And get this... It's free!


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