Monday, November 15, 2004

Viv the Cat (Number 1 of 9)

This is Viv.

Although he's about five years old, he's much smaller than most of his brothers and sisters. Two things set him apart from the other cats when he was a wild kitten:

  • First, rather than snarl and bare his teeth, or run like the others when approached, he would simply hunker down.
  • Second, and I've never seen this before or since, when he was little he had absolutely no hair on his tail; just like a rat.

I could have put him up for adoption because he was so tame, but I didn't because I feared that no-one would want a cat with a naked tail. Another reason I kept him was because Tiger, his older brother, took him under his wing and they became inseparable best buddies. Even today they swirl around each other and do a little dance every time they meet.

In the end Viv's tail caught up with the rest of him, fur-wise, and today he's a very handsome fellow, if a little tiny.


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