Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Scary Mary

Last night I saw a documentary on the German channel. It followed three women who joined the German navy officer training program. It seemed a little unusual in that the first step was a boot camp in the style of the army or marines; their daytime uniforms were full-blown green camouflage numbers, while their dress uniforms were more traditional navy style.

So each of the three covered a particular type; there was the upscale attractive one, the dowdy but earnest one, and the gentle "this is probably not the right profession for you" one.

Right away things weren't looking too good for the attractive one. At the end of the first day she was complaining to the camera that the higher-ups were being too stern with her. "Why do they have to yell all the time? They'd get better results if only they were more civil..." when it came time to strip down her rifle, of course she wasn't strong enough, or she couldn't see the point in taking apart something that seemed to be working fine in the first place.

Here's the surprise, and why I can't wait for Part 2: fast forward to one of the final scenes -- it's almost lights-out time and she's sitting on the edge of her bunk talking to one of her room mates. She tests the clip of her Glock handgun, slams it home, cocks the thing and clicks of a couple of times on the trigger, while absent mindedly testing the weight of the piece in her hand -- all the while idly gossiping about laundry matters.

It reminded me of that fat private in Full Metal Jacket; the one who turned into a blank eyed super soldier, and then went on a shooting spree.

Stay tuned.


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