Tuesday, October 26, 2004

More on Design: Crapping Down

In Japan, where younger folk like to bling up their cars, some after-market suppliers decided to offer alternative tail light assemblies. They didn't have millions of dollars available to them like the major manufacturers do for the colored plastic parts, so they substituted round colored lenses from motorcycles.

They mounted these on chromed plastic bases and covered the whole thing in a clear lens; far cheaper to produce than the original, and kinda different looking -- if you like that kind of thing.

So now, and this is the perplexing part, lots of new models from Japan -- and Europe, are copying this look. Check out the Mazda 6 as a good example. So when is this horrible trend going to end?

I hope we aren't going to go back to car audio units that don't match the dash, or in another field, seeing Dell black towers with beige CD writers. Just for the sake of backward fashion.

It's a funny old world...


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