Monday, October 25, 2004

Hey Kid! Don't get so cocky...

One tweaking rule that I recently forgot was: "Don't do too many things in one session." Last night I had one of those productivity splurges that occasionally hits me. From about ten last night to four this morning I did a whole bunch of projects on the computer.

One of them included some enhancements to this weblog; sure enough, when I woke up later this morning my weblog was gone. All I saw was a black screen. At first I thought that Google had hiccuped in some way but no, it was me.

I'd set up a Haloscan account earlier to add Trackback to another blog; using that account I also added Trackback to this blog. It turns out that there was a clash on the robotics somewhere and the template for this site was half-wiped. It's all fixed now, I hope. Next job is to go back and restore the other blog to a more default setup...


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