Monday, October 25, 2004

Clean Design

My favorite cars have almost no detailing on them; they look good because of their shape and lines. They're so clean, there's almost nothing more you could take off. I'm thinking of cars like the Audi A4. The one before the current shape. Or the previous A8.

Unfortunately when such models are updated, they invariably do it by adding shiny bits of trim and bright work. This almost always spoils the looks. The current Passat is a good example.

Another thing about design: a product should look its price. A Pocket PC is an expensive gadget and my HP 1910 looks its price, however the new range from HP looks decidedly cheap. So cheap they could be mistaken for $10 calculators! They really are that bad.

Why is it that just about any cellphone has good hard clicky buttons and yet the remote controls of even the most expensive entertainment systems have those pathetic no feedback squishy rubber buttons?


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